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Franklin County Receives National Recognition for Reducing Rejected Ballots

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Aug. 24, 2016

Franklin County Receives National Recognition for Reducing Rejected Ballots

(Columbus) The National Association of Election Officials has recognized the Franklin County Board of Elections for cutting its number of rejected provisional ballots so that more votes can be counted.

The association’s Guardian Award was presented to board of elections Precinct Election Manager Steve Bulen in ceremonies last week at Philadelphia for a board effort called, “Mission Possible-Mission Accomplished: Reducing the Number of Rejected Provisional Ballots.”

The award noted that Franklin County lowered its number of rejected ballots by 62 percent-from 504 in the 2015 general election to 162 in the 2016 primary election by creating the position of Paper Ballot Captain to oversee provisional voting in every polling location and by using electronic poll books plus a new checklist to ensure provisional voters receive the correct ballot.

Provisional ballots are required when a voter’s eligibility is in question for a number of reasons including failing to update a change of name or address or not having the identification required to cast a regular ballot.

Voters who need to update their registration can find forms on our Web site to mail to our offices at 1700 Morse Road or by calling the board of elections at (614) 525-3100.

Ben Piscitelli
(614) 525-5351
Franklin County Board of Elections

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