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OAEO/OSU Registered Election Official Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is OAEO changing its certification program?
    OAEO enjoyed a long and successful relationship with the Election Center.  However, the trustees decided it is in the best interest of the association to create a more Ohio-centric certification program and partner with a state university.
  • How do you receive certification in the new program?
    Eight classes are required for certification.  Four “core” classes are required, and participants may choose an additional four “elective” classes to complete their coursework.
  • How is certification maintained?
    Upon completion of the eight undergraduate classes, one graduate level class must be completed every three years to maintain certification.
  • If I am already certified through the current REO program, do I retain my certification?
    Yes.  All participants in the current program are grandfathered into the new program.  We certainly encourage all Ohio election officials to participate in the new program, but no one is required to take new undergraduate classes to stay certified.
  • Do my credits transfer if I have started, but not completed the current program?
    Yes, all credits transfer on a one-to-one basis.  So if you have completed two classes in the current program, you will receive credit for two classes in the new program.  For those with partial accreditation under the old program, full accreditation can be achieved by completing core classes in the new program, and then taking electives for any remaining credit requirements.
  • When will classes be offered?
    While we cannot control the nature of the Secretary of State’s summer conference, the plan is to offer two classes at our winter conference and two more in coordination with the summer conference for a total of four per year.
  • How much do classes cost?
    The trustees are very cognizant that cost is an important factor as counties decide who, and how many, individuals to send to classes.  Thus, OAEO is attempting to keep the cost as low as possible. While the trustees are still examining this issue, we anticipate that classes will cost no more than $100 per person/per class.
  • What can I expect as far as content?
    We are striving to create a curriculum that has both an academic and a practical focus.  Thus, classes will concentrate on both election law and statute, as well as how those laws are implemented and applied.  OAEO is working hand-in-hand with OSU to develop curriculum that will achieve this goal.

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