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The Board of Trustees is the governing body of the Association. It consists of twenty voting members, composed of ten Directors or Deputy Directors of County Boards of Election equally divided between the Democratic and Republican Parties; and ten Board Members of the County Boards of Election equally divided between the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Trustees Committee Minutes


NAME Dir/Dep or Bd Member & County TERM PARTY E-MAIL cell phone#
Ann Reno Bd. Member-Clinton Co. 2018-2022 DEM 937-725-0472
Bill Rich Bd. Member-Summit Co. 2020-2024 DEM 330-620-2402
Brandon Wobler Bd. Member-Paulding Co. 2020-2024 DEM 419-301-6273
Brian Mead Deputy Director-Licking Co. 2019-2023 REP 614-579-2514
Cheryl Browning Director-Jackson Co. 2019-2023 DEM 740-710-3722
Ed Ryder Bd. Member-Geauga Co. (appt 5/19) 2019-2023 REP 440-479-4800
Faith Lyons Director-Portage Co. 2020-2024 REP 330-204-2232
Frank Correll Bd.Member-Perry Co. 2018-2022 REP 740-605-1470
Julie Leathers Stahl Director-Wayne Co. 2019-2023 REP 330-465-6878
Kathy Meyer Director-Allen Co. 2017-2021 DEM 419-467-8526
Larry Cray Bd.Member-Medina Co. 2018-2022 REP 330-697-0854
LaVera Scott Director-Lucas County 2020-2024 DEM 419-301-6273
Lynn Mintchell Bd. Member-Champaign Co. 2019-2023 DEM 937-346-4204
Meredith Bodey Director-Champaign Co. 2018-2022 REP 937-215-1731
Paul Adams Director-Lorain Co. 2017-2021 DEM 440-670-5740
Phil Long Bd. Member-Mercer Co. 2019-2023 DEM 419-733-6947
Ranae Lentz Bd. Member-Logan Co. 2020-2024 REP 937-441-6125
Shawn Stevens Bd. Member-Delaware Co. 2017-2021 REP 614-623-9832
Sherry Poland Director-Hamilton Co. 2019-2023 REP 513-325-6232
Tony Perlatti Director-Cuyahoga Co. 2020-2024 DEM 216-536-7284

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