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Deputy Director : Madison County Board of Elections

The Madison County Board of Elections is seeking applicants for the position of Deputy Director.

This position, in cooperation with the Director, is responsible for overseeing, directing and managing the Board of Elections Office; developing, recommending, and adhering to an annual budget; conducting fair and impartial elections.

Qualified candidates must be affiliated with the Democratic Party, reside within Madison County or be able to relocate within 30 days of accepting the position. Applicants must agree to a background check.

A candidate for Deputy Director of the Board of Elections must possess at least a high school diploma or its equivalency. College level education is desired, but specialized training and/or certification in the various aspects of election administration is to be favored in evaluating applicants. Applicants are requested to demonstrate how they meet the necessary qualifications of the job description when submitting their resume.

Any qualified registered Democrat may apply by sending their resume and other supporting information to Madison County Board of Elections, Attn: Director, 1423 State Route 38 SE, London, Ohio 43140. Applications must be received by the Board by 12:00 noon on November 30, 2018.

Interested parties may receive a copy of the job description and evaluation criteria by visiting the Madison County Board of Elections website at The website also has the Madison County Application for Employment; Questionnaire for Prospective Appointment as a Member, Director or Deputy Director of the County Board of Elections (Form No. 307). All of the above forms along with a current resume must be submitted to the Board by applicants for this position.

The Madison County Board of Elections is an equal opportunity employer.

Employment opportunities listed by the State can be accessed here

OAEO will  post to this page any job vacancy notice voluntarily submitted by boards of elections for full time board employee positions.

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